Escale = Stopover

Take a short break. Catch your breath. Gather your thoughts.
(Re-)connect to your resources and competencies. Discover new perspectives. Gain clarity.
Focus on YOUR solutions.
I would love to support and accompany you along this path.


Our environment is changing all the time and it can be sometimes difficult to keep up. Are you or your team facing heavy challenges, subjects that you don’t know how to address, or you need support to overcome difficulties, stress or conflicts?

As a coach, I accompany individuals and organizations through processes of change. In addition to the topics listed below, my clients frequently deal with the following goals:

I support you in coaching sessions, workshops or as process facilitator and moderator in discussions.

Personal Life



Space for reflection to develop sustainable solutions.

Retreats & Workshops


Very special combination of coaching, meditation, yoga, breathtaking nature and mindful community life. Your space and time for reflection and personal development.

Workshops are organized in Nice or at La Bergerie

The idea is to offer individuals or couples the possibility to book a room at La Bergerie for a long weekend or a week to take time to pursue personal projects they are passionate about – professional, educational, and artistic goals away from the distractions of daily life.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

My Approach

I work with a solution-focused, systemic approach, giving your matter a safe space and meeting you in an open and unprejudiced manner, at eye level. Working together, you will regain access to your resources and potential. I invite you to discover new perspectives as well as alternative courses of action and I am accompanying the change process.

In me you will also find a sparring partner on your way to suitable and sustainable solutions in regard to your personal life or work related questions. I am listening actively without losing sight of your goal.

Basic principles of systemic coaching

1. Help people to help themselves
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In the systemic approach, the coach supports the client in finding their own solution. Whereat the coach is responsible for the process and the client for the content.
2. The expert on your own life is you
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Systemic coaching assumes that the client carries the solution already in himself/ herself. Thus, coaches are there to guide clients on eye level to find own answers by formulating the goal, by disrupting habitual thinking patterns as well as by testing and implementing new approaches.
3. Change of perspective
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The coach invites the client to change their way looking at things and to adopt different perspectives. It is the client who will critically verify their suitability. Doing so, new paths become visible and enable sustainable solutions.
4. Everything is connected to everything
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Fundamentally, systemic coaching brings a wider perspective to the process by encouraging individuals and teams to consider the ecosystem they’re embedded within (e.g. organization, team, family) while also developing their own self-awareness.
5. Solution focused approach
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Systemic coaching rather addresses the future than the past. The solution and goal are the centre of attention. This does not mean that the past and problems are ignored, but we focus consciously on what needs to be done in order to improve the situation and reach the goal.

About me

After my international business and economics studies, I gained experience working in different divisions and as an executive. Having spent most of my life abroad, I am very familiar with the expat life and feel at home in the intercultural context. In 2020, my family and I moved to Nice.

I completed my systemic training at the SySt Institute in Munich. As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by working with people. What is particularly close to my heart is that my fellow human beings are satisfied and motivated – whether in a private or professional context. I am grateful that I can now live out my passion as a coach and accompany people on their journey.

“Escale” is a French word that means “stop over”. I invite you for a short stop over. 


Meriem C.
Meriem C.
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In an ever-changing environment, the lack of time, visibility, and the number of parameters to take into account can make the decision-making process very difficult. When you are an independent professional and you are looking for your personal well-being, it is even more difficult because you have to make decisions "solo", "on your own" and QUICKLY! Annekathrin's support was very effective. I was hesitating between several possibilities and we found the perfect mix. The final decision seems fair and even easier to implement. I highly recommend her coaching! ->En savoir plus
Katharina S.
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Annekathrin's guidance has been invaluable in helping me make positive changes both in my personal and professional life. With her motivation and clear direction tailored to my individual circumstances, I have been able to confidently make the right decisions and take significant strides forward. I consider myself fortunate to have had her support.
Cédric G.
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J’ai pris 2 h de coaching avec Annekathrin, 2 h de lâcher prise ! Elle m’a donné des solutions pour faire face à mon stress et savoir le gérer.


It is about discovering possibilities of behaviour and action in one’s own reality or within the interaction of a team that have not been perceived so far. This can lead to comprehensive transformations. Or “only” to subtle shifts. In any case to more clarity. To self-made choices. To the feeling of really being on your path.

Please get in touch with a call or via email/ WhatsApp to arrange an appointment.

We will fix the goal in our first meeting (it can always be adjusted by the client) and start working.

This difficult to say and actually up to the client to decide. There is not a minimum number of sessions.

Depending on the complexity of the challenge we usually need 3-5 appointments. It can be more or less. Anyway, my goal as systemic coach is to enable you to continue working on your topic independently as soon as possible.

Yes, with great pleasure. I preferably use Zoom for the online coaching. Skype is possible, too.

I will send you a link before the first teleconference, which will automatically enable you to participate.

Face to face sessions are held in Nice in my coaching room close to the harbour.

For the ones who prefer not to travel, I offer sessions via videoconferencing or telephone.

My solution-focused approach is shaped by a variety of methods and the following mentors:

  • Solution-focused conversation and systemic structural constellations: Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd
  • Systemic organizational consulting: Iris Hunziker
  • Crisis intervention and traumatology: Hélène Dellucci
  • Conflict resolution, meditative communication, and anti-bullying consulting: Christa Kolodej
  • Hypnosystemic approach: Gunther Schmidt
  • Yoga and breathwork: Yuko Harmegnies

I guarantee confidentiality, as far as legally permissible. Even in business coaching, I will not pass on any content-related information to the employer, but only talk about the status of the process.

I speak German, English and French and can offer the coaching in all three languages.

Please get in touch to discuss the needs of your company, team or executive(s). Sessions at your location are possible.

Unlock your potential

Soul Food

I would like to invite you to try some simple but very effective exercises to activate your inner ressources and to enjoy some of my pictures and favorite quotes.

Cardiac coherence is a breathing technique that aims to immediately decrease the heart rate in a particularly stressful situation. It would help adults and children to relax, concentrate or sleep better. But for this anti-stress procedure to work effectively, it requires daily practice.

During 30 days

  • 3 times a day;
  • 6 breaths a minute ;
  • 5 minutes.

Support your exercise e.g. with an App or this video Link to video

During this practice period the brain and body learn a certain rhythm, brain celles get connected and you will be able to use it whenever necessary.

For more information please read: this page

Is it possible that 3 simple questions might help to increase our sense of well-being? YES,  due to neurologic reasons.

By answering these questions we are activating neuronal networks that we associate with good feelings and a happy life. Meaning that we can actually train our brain to “use positive networks”.

Give it a try! Answer (at least) 1 time per day the following questions in writing. It takes about 21 days to change your brains habit.

Luc Isebaert’s “Three Questions for a Happy Life”:
1. What did I do that I am happy with? (That I am satisfied with?)
2. What did someone else do that I am happy with, or that I am grateful for? And: did I
react in a positive way (i.e. in such a way that this person might do something like that again)?
3. What do I see around me, what do I hear, feel, smell, taste that I am happy with or
grateful for? 

P.S. Rather focus on the small things 😉

Gift Voucher

Want to give a thoughtful gift that will have a long-lasting effect?

Escale-Coaching gift vouchers are a great present for friends, colleagues, and family and are suitable for all ages – youth to retired, and people from all walks of life.

Via the links below you can buy the gift voucher for a session of 90min, or 3 sessions à 60min. The personalised voucher will be sent by email or post. Please contact me in case of any questions.

Gift Voucher

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